choosing flattering colors

Does This Make Me Look Fat?

How many times have you looked in the mirror and asked yourself, “Does this make me look fat?

Online Wardrobe Wizard Makeover

Launching new service, “Online Wardrobe Makeover & Image Consultation by Wardrobe Wizard of Baltimore.” Includes photos from a consult.

Over the Door Full Length Mirror, No Tools Needed to Install

Why do you need a full length mirror? Where can you find one that you can hang over your door without tools for $14.99?

Beauty or a Beast? (part 2)

Part two of Do You Feel Like A Beauty or A Beast,Think of yourself as an unfinished work of art, How to look visually balanced using the right colors.

Wardrobe & Makeup Mistakes, Can An Image Consultant Help You?

Rattled when you see What Not to Wear consultants make client throw out everything in her closet. Wondering if you are a good candidate to work with an Image Consultant. Can you afford it?

What Color Purse Should You Buy?

How to choose the best color purse for you

How To Look At Yourself in the Mirror

A new way to look in the mirror and created a “pulled together, balanced look.”

“Why Do I Look Better In the Store Mirror?”

Are you making clothing purchases that are not really flattering? Are you being deceived by store mirrors
or lighting ? An easy solution.

Will A Bright Lipstick Help You Look Younger or Age You?

Will bright lipstick age you or help you look more youthful?

Can’t See Without Your Glasses, 1 Tip To Make Choosing New Eye Glasses A Breeze

An easy way to choose flattering eyeglass and sun-glass styles.