What Color Purse Should You Buy?

Should you buy this purse? Its cute but you can”t wear it with everything you own.

What purse color should you buy this season?


Want to look your best and save time and money?


Buy one good quality purse that will go with your entire wardrobe.


You may want to also purchase a second smaller purse for special “dress up,” events.


What color should your purse be?


The most versatile color will be your hair or skin color.


Please do not fall for the “pop of color,” fad being promoted.


The “pop of color,” bandwagon will get your purse noticed and you will be an afterthought.


Unless the “pop of color,” is repeated elsewhere on you, it will detract from a visually balanced appearance.


Choose a purse that’s a shade of your hair color or skin color.

Someone with  "chestnut brown" hair color or skin color would look wonderful with this purse

Someone with “chestnut brown” hair color or skin color would look wonderful with this purse


If you have dark skin, a purse that’s a shade of your skin color will look especially nice.

If your skin is light, your hair color or a shade of your hair color would be a good choice.



For more information about choosing a flattering purse see my previous post

5 Secrets of Choosing a Flattering Purse.



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Say goodbye to those “Nothing to wear moments.”


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