“Why Do I Look Better In the Store Mirror?”

Nancy Goldblatt, Wardrobe Wizard of Baltimore

Nancy Goldblatt, Wardrobe Wizard of Baltimore

Are you making purchases of items that look good when you try them on in the store but do not look as good when you get them home and look in your own mirror?

I received the following question from a recent image client.


I just bought about $400 worth of new clothes.

When I got my new clothes home and tried them on, when I looked at myself in my mirror, I looked heavier and the clothes did not look so good on me.  Why did I look thinner in the store dressing room mirror than I do in my mirror at home?”


I found the following answer on Yahoo.

Store mirrors may be designed or placed to make you look thinner

“You’d be amazed at the tricks many stores use to convince you to buy clothes while you’re in the dressing room. The lighting may be one factor, but more likely, it’s the angle of the floor mirror.

 Just like a fun house mirror, dressing room mirrors are sometimes angled a bit to change the way you look. Stores will often tilt the mirror so the bottom is farther forward than the top; this creates the illusion that you are taller and skinnier”


Here is the solution that the Yahoo article gave.


Try to remember that dressing room mirrors may make you look slimmer than you are or you can lean your floor mirror at home against the wall instead of hanging it up to create the same flattering look.”  


The previous solution may make you feel better about the way you look but it seems to be a way to keep fooling yourself.

I believe there is a better solution.


Besides looking in the mirror, you can judge if an outfit or piece of clothing is really flattering  by having someone take a picture of you.


You can use you cell phone if you don’t have a digital camera.


The Best Part of Looking at a Picture Instead of a Mirror

When you look at a picture of yourself, instead of looking in a mirror, it’s easier to be objective and see whether something really is flattering or not.


Nancy Goldblatt, “Wardrobe Wizard of Baltimore,” is a professionally trained personal image consultant.


“I was trained in 1991 by Joanna Nicholson of Color 1 Associates, an International Image and Styling Company.  I specialize in working with mid-life women whose size or shape has changed and who have lots of clothes and nothing to wear.


Say goodbye to those “Nothing to wear moments.”


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