Learning to Like Your Looks

Create an Instant “Pulled Together Look,” with Color

Did you buy “pop of color.” shoes last season? If you did, be sure when you wear those shoes that you repeat the color in your outfit.  You can bring the color up by repeating the color in a top or a necklace or scarf or belt if you still have a defined waistline.   […]

Shopping Tips for Fall: Use A Camera or Camera Phone

Shopping Tips to Make Wardrobe Shopping Easier, using a camera phone or digital camera, and straight pins

What Do You Wear Until You Lose That Extra Weight?

While you are working on losing weight what can you wear and what should you buy? Capsule wardrobing is the key to saving money and having lots of mix and match pieces.

Learn to Like the Way You Look By Discovering Your True Colors

When you look in the mirror, do you like the way you look? The magic of your true colors can transform you from Cinderella to a Princess.

Have You Ever Received A Secret Pal Valentine?

Have you ever received a secret pal valentine. I did once, when I was 13. What does my secret pal valentine have to do with “Dressing for Comfort, Confidence & Style?”

How to Choose the Right Purse Size

What size purse is right for you?

Over the Door Full Length Mirror, No Tools Needed to Install

Why do you need a full length mirror? Where can you find one that you can hang over your door without tools for $14.99?

Beauty or a Beast? (part 2)

Part two of Do You Feel Like A Beauty or A Beast,Think of yourself as an unfinished work of art, How to look visually balanced using the right colors.

Wardrobe & Makeup Mistakes, Can An Image Consultant Help You?

Rattled when you see What Not to Wear consultants make client throw out everything in her closet. Wondering if you are a good candidate to work with an Image Consultant. Can you afford it?

A Moisturizer & Exfoliant that Really Works

Amlactin Moisturizing Body Lotion

AmLactin, a hydrating and exfoliating 12% alpha hydroxy product recommended by the Wardrobe Wizard.