Shopping Tips for Fall: Use A Camera or Camera Phone

Here are some shopping tips for Fall.

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You can use these shopping tips any time of year but especially when seasons are changing and you want to update your wardrobe.


Recently one of my newest clients called to ask some advice.



I instructed her to always shop with her “Color 1, Wardrobe Wizard Color Chart.”  She went to her favorite store and showed her colors to a sales person who knew the store stock well.

Using the Color 1 chart and the drawings of my clients best styles the sales lady helped her pick out separate  pieces that  looked “good together.”


Unfortunately, by the time she got home she did not remember what went with what.


The simple solution I suggested


Using a cell phone camera or digital camera have the sales person take photos of the outfits.


Here are some more shopping tips that will make it easier for you to shop for new items for your wardrobe.



Before you go shopping, shop your closet.


Use your camera phone or a digital camera to take photos of the clothing you wear most often.


If you do not have another person available to photograph you in your clothing, lay the pieces on your bed and take a picture of the different ways you mix and match your separates.


Load these picture on your computer, save them and print them out.


Take these pictures with you when you go shopping.  The process of shopping your closet and photographing what you wear should help you be more aware of the gaps in your wardrobe.


Every time you buy something new take a picture of it and add it to your saved file.  Eliminate photos of any clothing you eliminate from your wardrobe.


1.  When you actually go shopping ask the sales person to take pictures of you ( with your camera phone or digital camera) wearing pieces you are considering purchasing.


This is especially helpful if you are unsure about purchasing the items.    A picture will let you know if the clothing is really flattering because it’s easier to be objective when you look at a picture.


2.  Take your ” closet orphans,” shopping.  ” A closet orphan,” is anything you are unable to wear because you have nothing to wear it with.


3. Bring some straight pins shopping so you can see how the clothing will look when it is hemmed or altered in strategic places.


4. Bring the shoes that look good with pants if you are shopping for pants or shoes that look good with skirts if you are looking for skirts or dresses.



Nancy Goldblatt, “The Wardrobe Wizard of Baltimore,” is a Personal Image Consultant trained by Color 1 Associates.  She specializes in working with midlife women whose shape or size has changed.  She is available to work with individuals and groups in Baltimore, Md. and surrounding areas.


Her website is:


Unsure if her services are right for you?


 Contact her to set up a “no obligation,”20-minute telephone conversation.


During this conversation after you share your current concerns and needs,she will tell you how she can help you and she will also give you the “Fashion Personality Test.”


Contact her: or call 410-235-5325


She is now able to do “virtual image consulting.”  This means she can work with people anywhere in the world.

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  • Great tips! I sort of know what combos I wear most but the concept of photos of mix and math makes great sense and allows you to think outside of box as to the way that I normally think about my clothing combinations!

    Thanks for this tip as I plan my wardrobe for fall!

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