An Interview With a Wizard

Interview with a Wizard is an interview by writer Sharon White with Nancy Goldblatt, Wardrobe Wizard. It originally appeared June 21, 2015, on the blog Quintessential Style

Can’t See Without Your Glasses, 1 Tip To Make Choosing New Eye Glasses A Breeze

An easy way to choose flattering eyeglass and sun-glass styles.

Bargain Hunter, Is It Really A Bargain?

How Many Unworn Bargains Do You Have Hanging In Your Closet? Criteria for determining if it really is a bargain?

Do You Have Gremlins, That Prevent You From Following Your Dreams? I Did

How I overcame my gremlins(negative beliefs) so I could follow my dream. My story may help you become aware of your gremlins and motivation to tame them.

Looking Good In Cold Weather

Tips on choosing flattering outwear colors to look great in cold weather

9 Smart Clothes Shopping Secrets

Secrets of Smart Clothes Shopping, from an Image Professional

How White Should Your Teeth Be?

A quick way of determining how white to bleach your teeth.

Tim Gunn and Me At The Baltimore Book Festival

Tim Gunn from Project Runway was the featured speaker several years ago at the Baltimore Book Festival. I was looking forward to hearing him speak and buying his first book and perhaps talking to him …..find out what happened

How to Choose Earrings That Flatter Your Face © 2009

New guidelines for choosing flattering earrings from “The Wardrobe Wizard of Baltimore.” No matter how much weight you gain or lose your earrings will always fit.

What is the Sassy Sewer Lounge?

What is a sewing lounge? What is the Sassy Sewer sewing lounge? Where in Baltimore is it?