Will A Bright Lipstick Help You Look Younger or Age You?


Are you wondering if a bright lipstick color will age you, or help you to look more youthful?

It depends on your natural body colors.


If you have high contrast coloring, like me, bright lipstick will help you to look more youthful.


Nancy Bright Lipstick

Bright lipstick, just right, de-emphasizes shadows and wrinkles

I can’t wear lipstick that is brown or has brown in it.

Here is a picture of me in brown lipstick,  If you look good in bright lipstick, you will not look good in brown or non-bright lipstick.

Lipstick too brown

Lipstick too brown

If your coloring is lower contrast like my client Donna, bright lipstick will look harsh and be aging.


lipstick too bright, looks harsh, not flattering

lipstick too bright, looks harsh, not flattering

Toned down red lipstick looks like an extension of Donna

Donna looks her best in “toned down red lipstick.”  She could even wear toned down plums or brownish lipsticks because of her muted coloring.




What about the nude lip colors?


If you watched the Oscars on television or looked at the red carpet pictures afterward you may have noticed many stars with nude lip color recently.  

Many of the stars faces looked washed out.


Is nude lipstick universally flattering?


Take a look:

Nancy Bright Lipstick

Bright Lipstick helps Nancy to look alert and alive

Never go lighter than the inside of your lip color and preferably one or 2 shades darker than the inside of your lower lip.

  • Wondering if you should be wearing bright or more toned down lipstick?

  • How much money have you invested in the wrong color lipsticks?

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