How White Should Your Teeth Be?

Have you whitened your teeth or are you thinking about whitening your teeth?

Do you wonder how white your teeth should be?

As we get older our teeth darken or yellow  from the foods we eat and the things we drink and smoke.

Whiter teeth can help us to look more youthful.  However, if you overdo the teeth bleaching, your teeth may end up looking like they are false.

teeth are too white for her skin, they practically are jumping out of her mouth

An easy way to determine how white your teeth should be is to look at the whites of your eyes.

If you bleach your teeth a whiter color than the whites of your eyes, this color will cause your teeth to become your focal point (the place people eyes go to first and keep being drawn back to).


If the color of your teeth is a brighter white than the whites of your eye this  will not only cause your teeth to look fake, but it may make your skin look dull or washed out next to the very bright white of your teeth.


By repeating the same or similar shade of the whites of your eyes in your teeth you can create visual harmony.

Jennifer Lopez looks visually pleasing with teeth the same color as the whites of her eyes

Jennifer Lopez looks visually pleasing with teeth the same color as the whites of her eyes


Our eyes find visual harmony relaxing and pleasing.


When you look visually harmonious you will look your most attractive and you will communicate instant confidence and intelligence.


Nancy Goldblatt, “The Wardrobe Wizard of Baltimore,” is a Color 1, Personal Image Consultant.

 She has been helping men and women look great every day for over 20 years.  

She is available to work with you no matter where you live because she is now able to do “online consultations.” using e-mailed photos. 

 She can be reached at 410-235-5325.  her website is

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7 Responses to “How White Should Your Teeth Be?”

  • Interesting post. I guess too much of teeth whitening treatment could also result in harming your teeth. Thanks for sharing the useful information.

  • Nancye R says:

    My 71-year-old husband is tanned and usually looks younger than his age. His hair has been snow white for thirty years. His eyes are blue -green. His teeth are worn and very yellow and he has wanted white teeth for a long time. He is having a lot of dental work done that will result in all the tooth surface seen being new. The dental assistant chose a shade that has a yellow tinge. When that shade is held up to his mouth, it looks terrible with his white hair. She said they do not consider the hair color, but I’ve seen too many older folks with white hair and yellow teeth. The shade finally chosen by us is sort of a pearl white; not white like paper but when you look at it, you think white instead of yellow. Were we right or wrong?

    • You were probably right. What color are the whites of his eyes? If his hair is really pure white, then pearl white or winter white teeth should be ok. Do his teeth look they belong to him?

      Suggestion- Do the blink test. Stand about 5 or 6 feet from him in good light. Have him smile broadly so his teeth show. Where do your eyes go first when you look at him? If they go to his teeth, they are too white for his coloring. If his teeth don’t jump out at you visually they are a good color.

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