Do You Hate Drinking Water?

A new product that comes in 4 flavors. Its gluten, aspartane and calorie free.

How to Find Eyebrow Products that Last All Day

  Your eyebrows are important.  When your eyebrows disappear your face loses its expressiveness.      There used to be only a few choices of eyebrow products.   I know because I began losing the ends of my eyebrows when I was in my 20’s from hypothyroidism and I spent many years searching for an […]

Easier Shoe Shopping If You Know How

A new and simpler way to shop for shoes, especially if you find traditional shoe shopping exhausting and frustrating

Shopping Tips for Fall: Use A Camera or Camera Phone

Shopping Tips to Make Wardrobe Shopping Easier, using a camera phone or digital camera, and straight pins

Eyebrows Disappearing, What Can You do… 3 Solutions

What can you do when your eyebrows disappear or fade? Why is it important to have eyebrows? 3 solutions

Does This Make Me Look Fat?

How many times have you looked in the mirror and asked yourself, “Does this make me look fat?

Online Wardrobe Wizard Makeover

Launching new service, “Online Wardrobe Makeover & Image Consultation by Wardrobe Wizard of Baltimore.” Includes photos from a consult.

Learn to Like the Way You Look By Discovering Your True Colors

When you look in the mirror, do you like the way you look? The magic of your true colors can transform you from Cinderella to a Princess.

What Do You Wear When Traveling To a Destination

Tips on what to wear when traveling to your destination that will help you to feel comfortable and arrive looking unwrinkled.

Battling Your Weight,Try A Capsule Wardrobe to Look Thinner

While you are working on losing weight what can you wear?

Illusion Dressing, How to Instantly Look Better In Your Clothes

Illusion dressing is a technique used to dress smarter. By using clothings lines and proportions strategically you can distract from challenging body parts. Here are 3 simple visual tricks done with clothing to help focus away from trouble spots and refocus on your face.

How to Choose the Right Purse Size

What size purse is right for you?

The Secret Formula for Choosing A Flattering Purse

secrets to choosing a flattering purse.

Beauty or a Beast? (part 2)

Part two of Do You Feel Like A Beauty or A Beast,Think of yourself as an unfinished work of art, How to look visually balanced using the right colors.

Wardrobe & Makeup Mistakes, Can An Image Consultant Help You?

Rattled when you see What Not to Wear consultants make client throw out everything in her closet. Wondering if you are a good candidate to work with an Image Consultant. Can you afford it?

Does Your Lipstick Disappear Too Fast?

why does your lipstick disappear too fast.

Remove Stains, Even Old Stains with Amodex

Amodex ink and stain remover even removes old stains.

Learn to Shop Your Closet, to Simplify Your Life

Most of us have orphans in our closet, pieces that don’t go with anything else or only children that only go with one thing.. What can you do with these orphans to create outfits that will allow you get dressed in a flash and look confident everyday.

Will A Bright Lipstick Help You Look Younger or Age You?

Will bright lipstick age you or help you look more youthful?

Can’t See Without Your Glasses, 1 Tip To Make Choosing New Eye Glasses A Breeze

An easy way to choose flattering eyeglass and sun-glass styles.

Nothing to Wear Panic, When You Are Getting Ready to Go Out

Want to overcome the panic of nothing to wear? You can become your own Personal Image Consultant.

Why Can’t You Let Go of Your Old Clothes?

Do you have trouble letting go of your old clothes? A theory of why you may have trouble letting go.

Super Sunglass Sale at Walmart

Sunglasses on Sale at Walmart, How to Choose Flattering Sunglasses

What Are The Best Ways to Protect and Flatter Those Big or Little Lips Your Inherited

How to protect your lips to keep them looking good.

A Bittersweet Memory, The Only Time My Father Took Me Shopping,

The only time my father took me shopping for clothes, a memory that I can laugh at now but at the time was painful and embarrassing for my 13 yr old self.

Are You Avoiding Buying New Glasses Because It’s So Hard to Pick The Perfect Eyeglass Frame?

Need glasses? Confused or overwhelmed by too many choices. Concerned about the cost. Learn where to go to find the best prices and several ways to determine which frames are most flattering

How Did I End Up With This Dumpy Body?

Instead of looking in the mirror and criticizing yourself what else can you do to instantly look better? How to use color for instant beauty and better self esteem.

Three Fashion Fads That Waste Your Money

List of 3 current fashion fads that aren’t flattering and are waste of your precious money.

Bargain Hunter, Is It Really A Bargain?

How Many Unworn Bargains Do You Have Hanging In Your Closet? Criteria for determining if it really is a bargain?

What Accelerates Skin Aging, Besides Smoking and Sunlight ?

Good skin begins and ends with good nutrition. Here is a list of foods to slow skin aging and foods that contribute to skin aging.

Look Slimmer By Dressing Smarter

Has anyone ever said to you, “You look thinner out of your clothes than in your clothes?” Tips on looking slimmer by dressing smarter.

Too Old, Too Plump, Too Short To Become An Image Consultant?

Have you thought about becoming an Image Consultant but fear you are too old, too fat or too short. This is my story.

5 Secrets Of Choosing A Flattering Purse

What are the secrets of Choosing A Flattering Purse from, “The Wardrobe Wizard of Baltimore.” Besides “fashion personality,” you will need to look at color, scale, shape,and strap length.

Unhappy About Your Appearance? Go to the Magic Wish Store

Unhappy about your appearance? Go to the Magic Wish Store for transformation. You may discover something you don’t expect.

Blog Nominated for Mobbie, Vote for My Blog by Nov 10

My blog has been nominated for a Mobbie by the Baltimore Sun papers. Please vote for my blog by Nov 10, 2011 in the Lifestyle category.

Self Conscious About Your Appearance? Reasons Why

Have you felt self-conscious about your appearance since you were a child or a pre-teen? Do you want to know why? Would you like to over come your self-consciousness?

Appearance Anxiety, Where Did You Learn It?

Has the way your mother felt or behaved affected the way you feel about your appearance? What did you mother say about her looks? What did she tell you about your appearance. What challenges do you face in putting yourself together?

Get Your Closet Ready To Be Shopped, 10 Easy Steps

Is your closet dark and so crowded with clothes that you can’t really see what’s in there? In order to “shop your closet,” you need to clean your closet out first. Here are 10 easy steps you can take to get your closet ready to be “shopped.”

Wardrobe Clutter: Why Do You Have So Many Unworn Clothes?

Wardrobe Clutter; Why do you have so many unworn clothes? 7 reasons why and a very important rule to remember when shopping.

Do You Have Gremlins, That Prevent You From Following Your Dreams? I Did

How I overcame my gremlins(negative beliefs) so I could follow my dream. My story may help you become aware of your gremlins and motivation to tame them.

Personal Image Consultation,from the Wardrobe Wizard, What Happens During the Consult (revised 12/14)

A real life example of what “the Wardrobe Wizard,’ does when she conducts a consult with photos and text.

How to Go from Frumpy to Fabulous Without Buying New Clothes

I recommend the “Fashion Fit Formula,” a system that will show you where to do vertical alterations on your existing wardrobe and go from frumpy to fabulous.

How to Choose Shoes that Fit & Flatter You

Do you have trouble finding comfortable, flattering shoes. Here are a few tips that may make your hunt for the right shoes easier.

How To Instantly Lose Credibility

How to instantly lose credibility and tips on Creating Instant Credibility with visual tricks.

Beauty or a Beast? Part 1

“Real beauty” is looking visually balanced. How do you get visual balance? Think of yourself as an unfinished canvas that needs a frame. The frame is your clothes, makeup and jewelry.

What Do You Wear Until You Lose That Extra Weight?

While you are working on losing weight what can you wear and what should you buy? Capsule wardrobing is the key to saving money and having lots of mix and match pieces.

Have You Ever Received A Secret Pal Valentine?

Have you ever received a secret pal valentine. I did once, when I was 13. What does my secret pal valentine have to do with “Dressing for Comfort, Confidence & Style?”