Does This Make Me Look Fat?

How many times have you stood in front of the mirror and asked yourself,

“Does this make me look fat?” 


Stop torturing yourself.

Instead ask…

” Where do my eyes go first?”


This is a focal point or focus point.  It’s the area people look at first and the area their eyes will be drawn back to.


When I first became a personal image consultant I took a woman client  shopping who  was very short and about 100 pounds overweight.   She put on a navy pant outfit that looked really nice on her.  I commented,

“You look thin in that outfit.”

She responded,

“At this weight, I will never look thin, no matter what I put on.”

She was right.  What I should have said was,


“That outfit is really flattering.”


The color and style of the pant-suit caused me to look at her face first.  I did look at her body, but the neckline and color of the outfit kept drawing my eyes back to her face.


The outfit skimmed over her bumps and bulges and as a result, my eyes did not stop at her body parts but instead went back to her face.


Two examples of focal points

1. You are talking to someone and they have a piece of spinach in their teeth.

Where do your eyes go ….?


2. A woman has a very low neckline and the top of her breasts are showing.

Where do your eyes go first…?


Where do you want your focal point to be?


Your face and eyes should be your focal point if you want to look your most confident and competent.


Four easy steps  to  determine where your focal  points are :


1. Stand 5 feet from a full-length mirror


2. Make sure you have good lighting, either daylight or full spectrum bulbs.


3. Close your eyes and quickly open them.


4. Ask yourself, “Where  do my eyes go first?”


  • Do your eyes go to your face first or to your face and the color you are wearing simultaneously?


  • Does your skin look radiant and do your eyes sparkle?


This means you are wearing a flattering color and  probably a good neckline shape.


If your eyes go to places on your body you don’t want to emphasize first and keep returning you need to change your focal point.


You can change your focal point by changing how high or low your neckline is, by adding a scarf, pin or necklace and by adding earrings, changing the length of your hair and by repeating colors.


This can take lots of trial and error and lots of time.


In just a few hours, I can teach you  how to look your most attractive and confident every day.


You can learn to be your own personal image consultant.


 When you learn:

  • Your best colors and styles

  • How to shop efficiently

  • How to look in the mirror and see if your colors and proportions are right


You get lots more when you purchase “The Wardrobe Wizards Image Package.”

e-mail today for more information or to set up a FREE 20-minute telephone conversation to determine if the Wardrobe Wizards services are right for you.




Nancy Goldblatt, “Wardrobe Wizard of Baltimore, ” is a professionally trained “Color 1,” personal image consultant.  

For over 20 years she has been helping women learn to love the way they look by showing them their best colors and styles, teaching them to “shop their closets,” and teaching them how to look in the mirror.

She is available to work with clients in Baltimore, Maryland, and surrounding areas.

If you are not local she can work with you using photos online.

To set up a no- obligation, FREE 20 minutes telephone consult to see if her services are right for you .

contact her today at

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