Over the Door Full Length Mirror, No Tools Needed to Install

Before I tell you where you can buy an inexpensive, ($14.99) over the door full-length mirror that needs no tools to install, I want to tell you why my grandmother risked her life when she was close to 80 years old because she did not own a full-length mirror.



My grandmother was no shrinking violet but like many women she was self conscious about her appearance
My grandmother was no shrinking violet but like many women she was self conscious about her appearance

My paternal grandmother, Esther was an extrovert.  She  frequently took public transportation, because she never learned to drive.  After she boarded a bus, she would tell a few lucky riders her life story.  It did not bother her when they did not reciprocate.

She was no shrinking violet.  But when it came to her appearance, like a lot of women  she was self-conscious.

Because of this, before she wore clothes, she wanted to make sure she wouldn’t feel embarrassed.

She was only five feet tall with a plus-size hour- glass body shape. When I was very young, I remember her always wearing a long line corset (for her back) and she always wore dresses.

It was the late 1960’s or early 1970’s and women’s pants suits were in style.

My Aunt Ann, one of Esther’s three daughters came to visit her.  Aunt Ann was wearing a black pant-suit and my grandmother commented on how attractive it looked on Ann.

Shortly after that Ann discovered my grandmother, who was close to 80 years old, standing on a chair, with a pair of my grandfather’s pants on.

She was holding on to the back of the chair with one hand and with the other hand, trying to hold on to the waist of the pants so they would not fall down.

Aunt Ann said,  “Because Daddy was 8 inches taller than Mother, she looked like she was wearing clown pants.”

Because she did not own a full-length mirror, my grandmother was standing on the chair to see how she looked in her largest mirror, which was mounted on the wall over a bureau.

When Ann asked my grandmother what she was doing Esther replied, “Your pant-suit looked so nice on you, I  wanted to see how I look in pants.”

Aunt Ann took my grandmother shopping and bought her a pantsuit.  After that, my grandmother bought her own pant suits and happily wore them till she died in her mid-nineties.

If my grandmother had owned a full-length mirror, she would not have had to stand on a chair risking her life and limbs.

 You need a full-length mirror so you can see how you look from head to toe because “real beauty,” is created by looking visually balanced. 

You can get an inexpensive full-length mirror that hangs over your door and installs easily at Target.  Cost as of 4/15 is $14.99.


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