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Online Wardrobe Wizard Makeover

Launching new service, “Online Wardrobe Makeover & Image Consultation by Wardrobe Wizard of Baltimore.” Includes photos from a consult.

Illusion Dressing, How to Instantly Look Better In Your Clothes

Illusion dressing is a technique used to dress smarter. By using clothings lines and proportions strategically you can distract from challenging body parts. Here are 3 simple visual tricks done with clothing to help focus away from trouble spots and refocus on your face.

Beauty or a Beast? (part 2)

Part two of Do You Feel Like A Beauty or A Beast,Think of yourself as an unfinished work of art, How to look visually balanced using the right colors.

Nothing to Wear Panic, When You Are Getting Ready to Go Out

Want to overcome the panic of nothing to wear? You can become your own Personal Image Consultant.

Why Can’t You Let Go of Your Old Clothes?

Do you have trouble letting go of your old clothes? A theory of why you may have trouble letting go.

Three Fashion Fads That Waste Your Money

List of 3 current fashion fads that aren’t flattering and are waste of your precious money.

Look Slimmer By Dressing Smarter

Has anyone ever said to you, “You look thinner out of your clothes than in your clothes?” Tips on looking slimmer by dressing smarter.

Why Do You Have So Many Unworn Clothes? part 2

7 reasons you have so many unworn clothes cluttering your closet and some simple solutions from The Wardrobe Wizard

Self Conscious About Your Appearance? Reasons Why

Have you felt self-conscious about your appearance since you were a child or a pre-teen? Do you want to know why? Would you like to over come your self-consciousness?

Wardrobe Clutter: Why Do You Have So Many Unworn Clothes?

Wardrobe Clutter; Why do you have so many unworn clothes? 7 reasons why and a very important rule to remember when shopping.