How to Find Eyebrow Products that Last All Day


Your eyebrows are important.  When your eyebrows disappear your face loses its expressiveness. 



There used to be only a few choices of eyebrow products.


I know because I began losing the ends of my eyebrows when I was in my 20’s from hypothyroidism and I spent many years searching for an eyebrow filler that  wouldn’t rub off.

The ends of my eyebrows have disappeared because of hypothyroidism

My eyebrows filled in at the ends and darkened to match my hair













Finally makeup companies have begun making eyebrow products that look natural, are easy to apply and last all day.



Whether you have over plucked your eyebrows, gone grey or lost eyebrow hair, you now have many good choices of eyebrow fillers and eyebrow shapers.


I recently counted about 53 different eyebrow products that are available.  They come in pencils, powders and gels.  I believe the way to get the most natural looking and long lasting brow is to add a light layer of pencil using short strokes and then add powder or gel.

If you still have most of your eyebrows but they are too light, eyebrow powder is quick and easy to use.


Which products work best?


I  first went to Beautypedia. for answers.  This is Paula Begoun’s brain child. It’s a free website that lists the best and worst beauty products.


Each product listed includes price and a detailed descriptions, and the pros and cons of the product as well as expert ratings and community ratings by members.


I like Beautypedia because it includes rating from community members as well as experts  which I think gives a more balanced evaluation..  Listed are products in all price ranges.


Beautypedia has currently evaluated 41 different eyebrow products.


One of the best eyebrow pencils rated with 5 stars is by the late Kevyn Aucoin. (It’s expensive $26!




Years ago at a women’s expo in Baltimore I had the lucky experience of having my eyes made up by  Kevyn Aucoin.  I never knew I had beautiful eyes until  he made up my eyes. I regret not taking a photo of my eyes because Kevyn made my eyes look amazing.


A less expensive product with a 4 star rating is The Studio Eyebrow Kit by Elf Cosmetics.


What am I currently using for my eyebrows?


I am using the Wet and Wild Brow Kit.  It costs about $3.99 at my local drug store. It has not yet been evaluated by Beautypedia but because it was so inexpensive and I liked the tiny angled  brush that came with the kit I took a chance.



This brow kit comes with a black brown color, a medium brown  and a wax to help tame wild eyebrow hairs, and a wonderful little tapered brush that is just the right size for eyebrows. It also has a built in mirror for on the go touch ups and a tiny tweezer which I have never used.


If you have auburn or reddish eye brows there are not as many eyebrow products to choose from.  I found an interesting post on Bustle listing some of the best eye brow products for redheads.


Save yourself time and money


If you are considering purchasing a new eyebrow filler or shaper or any new makeup product I recommend you go to and look at the ratings first.  You can even order directly from the website if you are too busy to hunt for the product in a store.


Wondering what color is best to use on your eyebrows?


Your eyebrows should repeat a shade of your hair color.  Hopefully you have not gone more than a shade or two darker or lighter than your natural color.



 One more suggestion


 Do not shave or pluck out all of your eyebrows because they may not grow back.



Lana Turner had to shave her eyebrows for a movie and they never grew back.  She had to pencil in her brows the rest of her life and in movies wore glued on fake eyebrows.


What challenges or successes have you had with your eyebrows?  I would love to hear from you.



I have not received any compensation for recommending products in this post.

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