Easier Shoe Shopping If You Know How

 Do you dread shoe shopping?


I do



My feet have become more sensitive as I have gotten older and I can no longer tolerate uncomfortable shoes..  


Have you noticed that you can no longer wear shoes that are too tight, too narrow or too high?


That eliminates a lot of cute shoes.


Will you have to settle for shoes that look like orthopedic shoes?



I hope not.



You may not be able to find the best shoes for you at a traditional brick and mortar store because due to space limits only a few sizes and styles are available.


On the other hand, the online universe of shoe stores has an unlimited number of shoes that look good and are comfortable.



I did not understand this until recently when I went shopping for shoes.


As you probably know, traditional shoe shopping is often exhausting and time-consuming..




I started out at a shoe store that only carried a small line of very expensive shoes.

I thought I would have a better chance of finding shoes that worked with my high arch.


I was wrong.



 All of the expensive shoes were cut so high that I couldn’t even get my foot into them.


The store clerk told me that only shoes with laces would work for my feet.



For a moment I believed her.



I visualized my future self as a little old lady in white tennis shoes.



This disturbing image of my future self was like rocket fuel that gave me energy to search every shoe store in an entire mall.



Five hours later after searching every shoe store in the mall, I  found one pair of shoes that had potential.


I knew from shoes I had purchased in the past that I needed shoes with elastic over the instep or at the sides of the instep..




Unfortunately, I needed a wider width due to my high arch and  the mall store did not carry wide width shoes.

Feeling discouraged and desperate I decided to search online..


I googled the name of the shoe and indicated I was looking for a wide width.  


I was surprised when I quickly found my “dream shoe,” at Shoes.com https://shoes.com



Wondering what the comfortable shoe I bought looks like?

 My dream shoe is a Sketcher Cozar style https://sketchers

 It’s very casual which works for my sporty/natural fashion personality and it’s black because I have dark brown almost black hair.

(I always encourage clients to purchase shoes that are a shade of their hair color because repeating colors helps  you to look visually ‘pulled together.’)

 I do not encourage clients to purchase black shoes unless their natural hair color looks black.

As much as I avoid having to get “dressed up, now I need to find a slightly dresser shoe in a higher heel for times when I need to look more professional.

How Can You Save Time, Money and Avoid Frustration



  • Let your fingers do the walking by first going online to narrow down the styles, sizes, widths, colors and price points that work for you.


  • After finding shoes you think you want, I recommend you try the shoe on in-person if you have the time and access to a store front that carries the shoe you want.



 There are two kinds of shoe stores


  • On-line only stores


  •  Stores that are on-line and have a brick and mortar location.


Many of the sites have free shipping and free returns so even if you don’t have time to try on shoes, returns are easy and in many cases are free.


Consumer Affairs discusses the kinds of shoe stores and rates them.






With so many choices finding shoes that are perfect for you should take less time and energy if you use online shoe resources as well as traditional brick and mortar stores. 



For detailed information on how to choose flattering shoes see post: How to Choose Shoes that Fit and Flatter.



Nancy Goldblatt, “The Wardrobe Wizard of Baltimore,” is a professionally trained Color 1, personal image consultant.  She specializes in helping women whose size or shape has changed and who  have lots of clothes and nothing to wear.


After a client works with the Wardrobe Wizard she will have line drawings of her best styles, a wallet of her best colors, and the ability to mix and match and shop with ease.  Say goodbye to the panic of “nothing to wear.”


The Wardrobe Wizard is located in Baltimore, Maryland.

Contact her at : Nancy@WardrobeWiz.com

She is available to work with clients in-person who are located in the Baltimore-Washington area and online for people farther away.

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