feeling beautiful

Battling Your Weight,Try A Capsule Wardrobe to Look Thinner

While you are working on losing weight what can you wear?

Illusion Dressing, How to Instantly Look Better In Your Clothes

Illusion dressing is a technique used to dress smarter. By using clothings lines and proportions strategically you can distract from challenging body parts. Here are 3 simple visual tricks done with clothing to help focus away from trouble spots and refocus on your face.

Beauty or a Beast? (part 2)

Part two of Do You Feel Like A Beauty or A Beast,Think of yourself as an unfinished work of art, How to look visually balanced using the right colors.

Can’t See Without Your Glasses, 1 Tip To Make Choosing New Eye Glasses A Breeze

An easy way to choose flattering eyeglass and sun-glass styles.

What Is Your Fashion Personality?

How can understanding your fashion personality help you look marvelous and be your most authentic self in every situation? How can understanding your fashion personality make it easier to shop and put yourself together. A profile of Natalie S who is a “time-less classic, sport-natural, dramatic,” fashion personality includes photos.

What Are The Best Ways to Protect and Flatter Those Big or Little Lips Your Inherited

How to protect your lips to keep them looking good.

Three Fashion Fads That Waste Your Money

List of 3 current fashion fads that aren’t flattering and are waste of your precious money.

You Can Look Spectacular at Any Age

How to Look Spectacular at Any Age. How to avoid looking like you are “over-the-hill” What do you need? What don’t you need?

5 Secrets Of Choosing A Flattering Purse

What are the secrets of Choosing A Flattering Purse from, “The Wardrobe Wizard of Baltimore.” Besides “fashion personality,” you will need to look at color, scale, shape,and strap length.

Appearance Anxiety, Where Did You Learn It?

Has the way your mother felt or behaved affected the way you feel about your appearance? What did you mother say about her looks? What did she tell you about your appearance. What challenges do you face in putting yourself together?