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What Is Your Fashion Personality?

How can understanding your fashion personality help you look marvelous and be your most authentic self in every situation? How can understanding your fashion personality make it easier to shop and put yourself together. A profile of Natalie S who is a “time-less classic, sport-natural, dramatic,” fashion personality includes photos.

Get Your Closet Ready To Be Shopped, 10 Easy Steps

Is your closet dark and so crowded with clothes that you can’t really see what’s in there? In order to “shop your closet,” you need to clean your closet out first. Here are 10 easy steps you can take to get your closet ready to be “shopped.”

Personal Image Consultation,from the Wardrobe Wizard, What Happens During the Consult (revised 12/14)

A real life example of what “the Wardrobe Wizard,’ does when she conducts a consult with photos and text.

9 Smart Clothes Shopping Secrets

Secrets of Smart Clothes Shopping, from an Image Professional

Paula Begoun, “Cosmetics Cop,” comes to Baltimore

Before I buy a new cosmetic or skin care product I go online to “Beautypedia,” to check “The Cosmetic Cop” review. I have saved a lot of money over the years because I no longer impulsively buy cosmetics and skin care products.

How White Should Your Teeth Be?

A quick way of determining how white to bleach your teeth.

Does The Color Black Really Flatter You?

Most women have lots of black clothing in their closet. Is black clothing really flattering for everyone?

How To Instantly Lose Credibility

How to instantly lose credibility and tips on Creating Instant Credibility with visual tricks.