Learn to Like the Way You Look By Discovering Your True Colors

When you were growing up, what did your mother say to you about your appearance?

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Did she make suggestions that felt like criticism?

Can you still hear the comments she made about the way you looked?

What she said to you may have been a reflection of how she felt about her own looks.

Are her words still influencing you today?

Research shows that  what a mother says to her daughter about her appearance can affect a woman in a positive or negative way all of her life.  We are also influenced by peers and the popular media.

When the critical comments come from your mother or another significant person, at an early age, these messages get recorded on your brain. and act like guards holding us back from liking what we see in the mirror.

As we get older and are bombarded by photo-shopped pictures of very thin, perfect looking models in magazines, it’s difficult to  not compare ourselves.

A deer caught in headlights

Should you color your greying haiir


Kim came to a workshop I was presenting on “How to Dress for Your Body Shape.”

She was about 35, slender, with short, light brown hair, no makeup, and she was wearing baggy beige pants and a loose faded white top.

I wondered why she came to the workshop because she looked like a deer caught in headlights during  the entire 3-hour workshop and left immediately at the end, without speaking to anyone.

When she called me a few weeks later to set up an individual consultation for a color analysis and closet shopping session, I was surprised.

When I went to her house, she appeared tense and seemed to want to get the session over quickly.  It seemed like she regretted hiring a personal image consultant until I heard her story.

She had been overweight as a child and adolescent.

Her mother told her over and over that she did not deserve to have nice clothes because she was too fat.

Kim did not go into detail about what else her mother said, but it was obvious that her mother’s statements about her appearance were still causing her a great deal of anxiety and pain.

Even though she became a slender adult, she still felt she did not deserve nice clothes.

Thinking about shopping for herself or even talking about her wardrobe, triggered all of the old, painful feelings she had about her appearance.

When I looked in her closet, I discovered it was almost empty.  She had a few baggy tops and pants that she wore every day.

There was no color in her wardrobe.  The few things she owned, had been purchased at Goodwill and because they had been washed so often, they were all  beige, and shapeless.  She is an artist and this lack of color in her closet was surprising.

I did a color analysis and I gave her a wallet of 50 of her “true colors,” and analyzed her body shape and gave her line drawings of the best styles for her body shape.   I made some suggestions on a few pieces  she could buy to begin adding some variety and color to her wardrobe.

Because she seemed to want to get the consultation over quickly, I did not think she was going to follow my advice.

I had forgotten about the magic of “true colors.”

At times, even I have been amazed at the transformation that occurs when a client puts on her “true colors.”

True colors are those colors that make your eyes sparkle and your skin look radiant.  True colors can be used for home decorating, as well as makeup and clothing.

What happens when you use your true colors and best styles?

 Kim e-mailed me this note  after the consult.

“I keep getting compliments on the changes in my appearance since I took the Wardrobe Wizard’s advice.”

A few weeks later  she told me she still could only allow herself to shop at Goodwill, but she was buying more clothes that were in her “true colors,” and in styles with a defined waistline and she had started liking the way she looked.

When you look in the mirror, do you like the way you look?

It may not be possible to eliminate all of the gremlins you have incorporated into your psyche about your appearance, but you can quiet them to the point they are almost non-detectable.   I have done it for myself and I have helped my clients do it.

How is this is done?   

You need to get  accurate information on what really works for you.  This includes :

  • The styles that flatter your body shape

  • Your true shades of color, & how to combine them 

  • Your best print size

  • Your best metal colors for jewelry

  • How to look in the mirror at yourself and balance your visual harmony using color, line, and proportion.

When our eyes look at something that is visually balanced, this has a  pleasing effect on our brains and our eyes  translate this effect as “beauty.”

Joanna Nicholson, co-founder of Color 1 Associates, and the woman who trained me often would say.

” When a woman wears her ‘true colors,’ it’s like having magic dust that transforms her from Cinderella to a Princess. “

 It’s never too late to learn to like the way you look.


Nancy Goldblatt, Wardrobe Wizard of Baltimore is available to work with you no matter where you live.  If you are local she can work with you in-person and if you are long distance she can work with you over the internet.

She is a Color 1, Image Consultant with over 20 years of experience helping women look their best every day.

Want to find out more about getting your ‘true colors,’ and best clothing styles contact her at Nancy@wardrobewiz.com or 410-235-5325 for a 20-minute no obligation complimentary telephone evaluation.

You will discover your “Fashion Personality, and this conversation will help you decide if The Wardrobe Wizard’s services are right for you. 


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