Have You Ever Received A Secret Pal Valentine?

Nancy age 13

Nancy age 13

Have you ever received a “secret pal ” valentine?


I did, but only once.


When I was about 13, I received a valentine in the mail signed “your secret pal.”


I wracked my brain trying to figure out who my secret pal was.


No one confessed.


After awhile I gave up my detective work.


I saved the “secret pal”  valentine and the envelope it came in.


I have trouble filing papers that don’t have a special category, so they end up in a large pile.


Periodically I do “an archeological dig,” through my pile of papers when the pile threatens to topple over or when I am searching for something.


When I was 36, during a very difficult time in my life, one of my piles toppled over and I was forced to go through the paper pile.


I came across the “secret pal” valentine.


As I looked at the envelope, which had my name and address printed on the envelope, I suddenly recognized the printing.


It was my father’s printing.


I felt he had jumped out of his grave to cheer me up.


I never got to say “thank you” or laugh about the Valentine with my father.

I did get to laugh with my mother and sister about my father’s sense of humor.


What does this have to do with “Dressing for Comfort, Confidence & Style?”


It has to do with “fashion personality.”


I am guessing that I got part of my need to always be comfortable in my clothes from my father.


In the past I have said I believe “fashion personality,” is with us from birth.


Maybe “fashion personality,” is a combination of nature and our early influencers.


What is your fashion personality?  Are you a “sporty-natural,” like me?


Or are you a “timeless classic”, a “dramatic”, or a “romantic,” dresser or a combination?


Here is a picture of my parents on their wedding day.  My father had to be comfortable and always wore moccasins or moccasin like shoes, except on his wedding day.


The shoes he is wearing in this picture are too big and obviously borrowed.

My parents on their wedding day. My father is wearing borrowed shoes that are too big.

My parents on their wedding day. My father is wearing borrowed shoes that are too big.


Did I get my “Sporty-Natural,” fashion personality from my father?

And maybe I got my sense of style from my mother.

Where did your fashion personality come from? Where did your sense of style come from?

Let’s chat about it.


Nancy Goldblatt, “The Wardrobe Wizard,” has been a personal image consultant for over twenty years.  She is also a social worker/psychotherapist.

She is an expert at helping women discover their inner and outer beauty. After a woman works with “The Wardrobe Wizard,” she will know how to put her own best looks together and she will be able to shop and dress with confidence and ease.

Besides working with customers locally (in Baltimore, Maryland and surrounding areas) Nancy is now able to do “long distance color and face and body shape analysis,” using photos on-line and teleconferencing.

She offers a complimentary 20-minute telephone consult to help you decide if her services are right for you.

Contact her at:  Nancy@wardrobewiz.com or 410-235-5325

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