What Do You Wear Until You Lose That Extra Weight?

Nancy, Wardrobe Wizard

Nancy, Wardrobe Wizard

I have a confession to make.  It has to do with the 11 pounds I lost  while I was in a six-month research study.  The study consisted of exercise 3 times a week and keeping track of my calorie intake and nutritional counseling.

Unfortunately, when the study ended there were no provisions for follow-up and in 6 months time I had gained all 11 pounds back.

I joined the YMCA but only went once because I am allergic to chlorine and I could smell the chlorine from the swimming pool as I walked to the exercise area.

I am back to being sedentary.  I sit most of the time at my day job as a psychotherapist.  I tried a walking session with a client, but it’s really hard to take notes while I am walking.

 I have plans to start exercising again.

In the meantime,I need to buy a few new pieces of clothes but I don’t want to invest a lot of money until I have some lost weight.

Anyone else in the same situation?

Before you rush out to shop…...

Go shopping in your closet first.

See what is in good condition that still fits you.  For me, these are my “old faithful’s,” those outfits I can put on to camouflage my stomach and butt.  I love my corduroy jackets and the blouses I use as jackets because they hide figure flaws.

When you wear a third layer, a jacket or vest, it also gives you a bit more of an authoritative  look.

Your jacket should be either a slightly heavier weight than your base outfit or at least the same weight.

What is a base outfit?

A base outfit is part of a concept called a capsule wardrobe.  There are various approaches to capsule wardrobing.  I think the name comes from the fact you can take the pieces and roll them up and easily travel with them.  Like a time capsule.

In this case, a capsule that easily can be changed and does not take up a lot of space or cost a lot.

example of a red base with a third layer, a Jacket

Example of an “inside,” red base with a third layer, a jacket


What is a base?  It’s a top and bottom in matching colors without any trim.  This can be a

shell and pants or skirt or a jacket, pants or a skirt or even a vest with a pant or skirt.  If you have a dress in a solid color with no trim in a contrasting color this is an inside base.  If it looks good with jackets and vests you can make your dress look like many different outfits.

Your bases can be inside bases or outside bases.  See pictures

Example of casual "outside base"

Example of casual “outside base”

For an outside base

Use lots of different shells or tunics in flattering colors underneath.

For the inside base

Inside base with a vest

Inside base with a vest

Use lots of different jackets or vests in your best colors on top of the base.


Why do you look thinner and even taller wearing a base color outfit?

Our eyes automatically search for repeated colors.

Instead of a viewer’s eye noticing how wide you are, their eyes will move vertically from your hair and face down to your pants or skirt and down to your shoes and back up again.


Nancy Goldblatt, “Wardrobe Wizard of Baltimore,” is a “Color 1,” professionally trained personal image consultant.

Nancy works with both individuals and groups.

The Wardrobe Wizard is located in Baltimore, Maryland.

 If you are local she can work with you in-person or if you are long-distance she can now work with you online using digital photos and or a webcam.

 She can be reached at Nancy@wardrobewiz.com

Her website is : https:// blog.wardrobewiz.com

– See more at: https://blog.wardrobewiz.com/1-tip-to-making-choosing-new-eyeglass-frames-a-breeze/#sthash.8Hb2V70S.dpuf



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