Lipstick, Can’t find Your Favorite Lipstick Color Anymore. Still Searching for that Perfect Color, 3 tips


Do you have a favorite lipstick color that was discontinued?  Have you been desperately searching for your favorite color, hoping to find it made by another company.

Or are you are still searching for the perfect lipstick color that will make you eyes sparkle and your lips look luscious?  If you are still trying to figure out what lipstick color works for you, read my post, “Lipstick,How to Choose A Flattering Color.”

Over twenty years ago, before I became an image consultant and knew my best lipstick colors, I wasted too much time and money on lipsticks that did not look good on me.

I was ecstatic after I had my colors done by Color 1 and found 3 different lipstick colors that looked fabulous on me.  

I believed I would never have to waste any more time or money searching for those perfect colors.  Then those colors, one by one, were discontinued. 

Fortunately, I was able to go to my Color 1 wallet of colors and find other lipstick colors that were perfect for me.

I now have my fingers crossed that my new favorite lipstick colors will not be discontinued.

Here are 3 tips I have come up with to prepare myself in case my current favorite lipstick colors get discontinued.

 These tips can help you too.


Tip 1: Stock up on your favorite lipstick colors.   I have stocked up on 6 tubes of my favorites and I store them in the refrigerator.

Tip 2: Use a lipstick brush.  By using a retractable lipstick brush, you can use every last drop of lipstick.  You should be able to buy a retractable lip brush at Target or your favorite beauty supply or drug store for a few dollars.

Tip 3: If your favorite color has been discontinued, save a piece and send it to 3 Custom Color Specialists in New York and they will duplicate exactly the color, sheen and texture of your lipstick.  2 tubes costs about $50.  They will duplicate other things also.  I got a shade of eye shadow duplicated and I was pleased with the results.

Here is a link to a few reviews and  more information about 3 Custom Color Specialists.

 Are you still looking for your best lipstick colors?  

I can now do a color analysis online using digital pictures. You will get a Color 1 chart with 40 to 50 of your best shades including your best lipstick and blush colors.  Contact me for details.


“The Wardrobe Wizard,” is available to work with you, no matter where you live.

If you live in Baltimore, Maryland, or surrounding areas she can work with you in person.  If you live other places, she can work with you on-line using digital pictures.

Nancy Goldblatt, “The Wardrobe Wizard,” is a Color 1,Personal Image Consultant who specializes in working with mid-life women whose size or shape has changed and who have too many clothes and “nothing to wear.”

After a woman works with “The Wardrobe Wizard,” she will have a wallet of her best colors and styles, and a pared down closet.   She will learn how to mix and match her best looks so she can get dressed “lickety split,” and look great everyday.

“The Wardrobe Wizard,” also works with younger women and is available to work with men.  She was trained by Joanna Nicholson, founder of Color 1 Associates, an International Image & Style Company.

e-mail Nancy for more information on how to get started with an on-line consult.,     410-513-9496       


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