5 Secrets Of Choosing A Flattering Purse

What’s the secret formula to choosing a flattering purse?

 The right purse can help you look “pulled together,” and professional.

Have you ever wished there was a magic formula  that would enable you to choose a flattering purse that was perfect for you?


 With so many  purse shapes, colors and sizes, choosing the right purse can be  difficult.

The wrong purse can ruin even the best looking outfit.

 Depending on your fashion personality, you may own a closet full of purses or have only one or two you use.

Choose A Purse Based On Your Fashion Personality



If you have a “Sporty-Natural Fashion Personality,” like me, you probably have only one, or at the most two purses you use.  One purse for everyday use and one purse may be for “dress up,” events. You might not even own a purse, but use your pockets or car to store stuff you take with you.


If you have a “Dramatic Fashion Personality,” you may own one super large purse that makes a statement or a drawer full of purses that make different dramatic statements.



If you have a “Time-less Classic Fashion Personality,” your purse will probably look traditional and be small to medium size and you might carry a tote so that you do not have to use an oversize purse.



If you have a “Romantic Fashion Personality,” your purse is more likely to be small to medium.


4 more tips for choosing a flattering purse

Besides “Fashion Personality,” you will need to consider color, size, shape and where the purse sits on your body


When you carry a purse that repeats one of your natural body colors (hair, skin or eyes) you will look visually pleasing and be able to wear this purse with everything you own.
(Best choice is hair color if your skin is light and skin color if you skin is dark)


 To find a good size purse that will be in  proportion to your body:

  •  Spread your fingers apart slightly with your thumbs  touching and measure horizontally from little finger to little finger.  This measurement is the widest or tallest your purse should be so that its in proportion to your body.


  •  You can also measure your hand from your wrist crease to the end of your longest finger.  This could be the depth, height or width of your purse.

 (If your hands are in proportion to your body these suggestions will work for you.)

  • Put your thumbs together and slightly spread your fingers. Measure from little finger to little finger to find largest size purse that will look in proportion to your body.


Strap Length 

  • If you can adjust the strap length, adjust your purse to end at a place on your body that is the narrowest.

For example if you carry your weight in the lower half of your body and have a defined waistline, shorten the straps so your purse stops at your waist.


(If you are top heavy, lengthen your straps so your purse stops at your lower hips or thigh.  (If your purse strap is not adjustable, take it to a shoe repair store, have the strap cut and resewn to the correct length.)


  • A purse that has some softness and some straightness is best for most women.

    Purse that has some straightness and some softness. Best for most

    A purse that has some straightness and some softness is best for most women



straight, structured purse best for someone with undefined waist and angular face shape

A straight unstructured purse is best for someone with an angular face and undefined waistl                                                                                                 

Curved purse is best for someone with a curvy body and curved face.


Recent purse trends include super-sized handbags, clutch bags, vintage, brightly colored and metallic bags.  

If you are petite, a very large handbag may dwarf you and if you are a plus size an over-sized bag may emphasize parts you don’t want people to focus on like your stomach or hips.


If you do choose a brightly colored purse, try to repeat the color in your outfit at least once or twice.  This repetition of color can  be done with a scarf, shoes, or belt.


 Our eyes unconsciously search for colors that are repeated.


By repeating body colors with your purse and other accessories, you will look more pulled together. 


  Are you a woman whose size and shape has changed?


Nancy Goldblatt, Wardrobe Wizard can help you decide what clothes to keep and what to give away.  She is available to work with you “in-person,” if you live in Baltimore and surrounding areas or on-line if you are not local.


Nancy is a Personal Image Consultant, trained by Color 1.   For over 20 years has helped women whose size and shape has changed to choose their best styles and colors.  

For a FREE no obligation  20 minute telephone “needs assessment.” where you will also discover your “Fashion Personality,” e-mail Nancy so you can set up a telephone consultation.


Contact her at: Nancy@wardrobewiz.com, or 410-235-5325-

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  • Thanks Nancy —

    this tip is just in time as I’m looking for a new purse — MY eye is drawn to the beautiful coral or yellow one’s I’ve seen lately — but they’ve all been way too big! Guess I’ll start looking at the brown ones to match my hair 🙂

    Would you please do a posting on eyeglasses?

    Blessings, Angelica

    • I have a post on choosing flattering sunglasses. This information can be applied to eyeglasses. I am working on a post specifically about eyeglasses.

      Follow your eyebrow line and face shape. I believe your face shape is more angular and there are lots of angular eyeglasses out there right now. You want to find something with a softened angle, not a harsh angle and preferably with frames that are shade of your hair color or a shade of one of the highlights in your hair. Make sure the frame is not too heavy or thick.

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  • Hey Nancy,

    These are such awesome tips. I had never paid attention to such details, as to the length of strap and width of the purse. But these, I’m sure can definitely add so much to your complete look. I’m going to be totally mindful of these when I go shopping for a purse next. Thanks for sharing the tips with us.

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