What Are The Best Ways to Protect and Flatter Those Big or Little Lips Your Inherited

 What size lips did you inherit? 



I inherited big lips from my paternal grandmother’s side of the family.


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When I was growing up, thin (sophisticated lips) were in style.


I had many conversations with my younger sister, Suzi, who also inherited those big lips.



Suzi and I came up with a plan.  When we grew up, we would get lip surgery to make our lips thinner.


Did you know, lips naturally lose volume as we age.


As I have gotten older, my lips have naturally become less full.


My lips aren’t as full as they once were, but I no longer feel they are too big.



Whatever the size of your lips, the skin on your lips is quite thin and vulnerable to sun, heat, wind and cold damage.


In addition, if you don’t drink enough water, drink carbonated drinks, or take medication that is dehydrating, your lips can end up looking like you have been lost in the desert for days.



Think of your lips as a barometer of your stomachs health.


When they are dried out, it could indicate your stomach does not have enough hydration.



How can you care for your lips, so they stay beautiful besides avoiding caffeine, and drinking lots of water?



Protect your lips from too much sun exposure.






Here is a link to “Sun Protection Tips to Help Prevent Skin Cancer,” from Dr. Brandith Irwin, Cosmetic Dermatologist.


These Tips can apply to our lips as well as our skin




Whether you have big or little lips, the right shade of lipstick or colored lip gloss with a spf sunscreen rating can not only protect your lips, but help you to look healthy and vibrant.


Just because a lipstick color is being promoted by the fashion industry,  does not mean it will be flattering to you.


How can you find out which lipstick colors really flatter your unique coloring?


Choose a lipstick a shade or two darker than the inside of your lower lip.


To discover additional flattering lipstick shades get a  Color 1, Smart Chart done.

Besides 40 to 50 of your best clothing and makeup colors, a Color 1, Smart Chart will contain at least 3 of your best lipstick colors and as many as 12 of your best lipstick shades.


You can get a Color 1, Smart Chart from the Wardrobe Wizard, Nancy Goldblatt.  Nancy is now able to do virtual color analysis on-line.


If you live in Baltimore, Maryland, or surrounding areas she can work with you in person.  If you live other places, she can work with you on-line using digital pictures.


Nancy Goldblatt, “The Wardrobe Wizard,” is a Color 1 Personal Image Consultant.

She specializes in working with mid-life women whose size or shape has changed and who have too many clothes and “not much to wear.”

After a woman works with“The Wardrobe Wizard,” she will have a wallet of her best colors and styles, and a pared down closet.

She will learn how to mix and match her best looks so she can get dressed quickly and look great everyday.

“The Wardrobe Wizard,” also works with younger women and is available to work with men.  She was trained by Joanna Nicholson, founder of Color 1 Associates an International Image & Style Company.

e-mail or call  Nancy if you would like to set up a 20 minute FREE consult to find out if her services are right for you.

Contact her at Nancy@WardrobeWiz.com, or call 410-513-9496



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