Are You Wearing Clothes that Are too Bright for You?



Nancy, Wardrobe Wizard, looks good in bright colors

Nancy, Wardrobe Wizard, looks good in bright colors

When I was in my twenties I bought a neon pink dress.

When Freddy , my boyfriend at the time, saw me in my neon pink dress he asked me,

“Does your dress glow in the dark?”

My mother told me Freddy was too critical. I told her,

“He’s just being honest.”

Freddy was right, the dress was too bright for me.

Even though I look good in clear bright colors, neon colors are too bright for me.


Neon bright colors are not flattering on anyone.


Are you wondering if you look good in bright colors?


 Do the “Blink Test”

    1. Stand about 5 feet from a full length mirror, in good light and blink at yourself.
    2. Where does your eye go first?
    3. If your eye goes to what you are wearing first, it’s probably too bright.
    4. If your eye goes to your face and what you are wearing at the same time and your skin looks radiant and your eyes sparkle, it’s not too bright.


Two Solutions

If the bright color needs to only be slightly toned down, you can use good old-fashioned tea bags to slightly mute the brightness.


  • · Put 4 or 5 tea bags in a big plastic container with hot water until water is brown and water has cooled off then take the tea bags out.
  • · You have to wet your entire item and smooth out any wrinkles and place it in cool water and soak. Be sure to rinse article well before drying.

 If the item is made of 80% or more natural fibers such as cotton, silk, or linen you can dye or tea it. (This won’t work if there are any stains, because the stains will get darker)


A less labor intensive solution

A color break.


Show some skin or put a flattering color that is not too bright near your face.

The most important color is the color near your face. If you unbutton a few buttons and show skin or put a scarf on that is a flattering color you can give yourself a color break.


Wondering what colors look good on you?



Get more information by reading Joanna Nicholson’s book,’Dressing Smart for Women,’ or if you are a man, ‘Dressing Smart for Men.’

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