Why Can’t You Let Go of Your Old Clothes?

I have a confession.  I have great difficulty getting rid of my old clothes even when they no longer fit me.

Do you have old or not so old, clothes you never wear, taking up precious space in your closets?

If you knew which items were really treasures that could be altered or matched with other pieces and which clothes were not flattering would it be easier to let go?

Do your old clothes represent all the unfulfilled hopes and dreams  you had when you wore or hoped to wear those clothes?

It’s especially hard for me to let go of my clothes because everything I have purchased in the last 20 years, since I got trained by Joanna Nicholson, as a Color 1 Associate, is the right color and the right style for my body shape.

A few years ago I went to a quilt show at the Walters Art Gallery in Baltimore, Maryland.  The quilters were from Gee’s Bend, Alabama.  The quilts were very beautiful.

There was a quote from one of the quilters, I will never forget. The quilter wrote,” I used to be poor and I had to use old clothes for my quilts.  Now I have more money and  I can buy new fabric, but I still use fabrics from old clothes because the energy of the people who wore the clothes is still in the fabric.”

Quilted Wallhanging, anonymous quilter
Quilted Wallhanging, anonymous quilter

Maybe by letting go of our old clothes, we fear the energy that represents all of our old hopes and dreams will disappear.

Do you have trouble “letting go,” of your old clothes?  Do you know why it’s hard to let go of them?

When you know what colors and styles are flattering,you can store those items that no longer work for you and make room for clothes that really suit you.  

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Nancy Goldblatt, Wardrobe Wizard can help you decide what clothes to keep and what to give away.  She is available to work with you on-line if you don’t live in Baltimore and surrounding areas or in-person if you are local.

Nancy is a Color 1 Associate and for over 20 years has helped women whose size and shape has changed to choose their best styles and colors.</strong> <strong>Contact her at: Nancy@wardrobewiz.com, or 410-235-5325


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