Unhappy About Your Appearance? Go to the Magic Wish Store

Unhappy about your appearance?

When I was 25 years old, many years before I became an Image Consultant,  I was complaining to my cousin Roz about my freckle mustache.


It was summer and I had just come home from a vacation in Mexico.

The sun is very intense in Mexico and my freckles which usually are only sprinkled over the bridge of my nose had appeared in droves above my upper lip.


I was disturbed about this because it made me look like I had a mustache.

My cousin Roz who is a social worker, and from the South asked in her slow southern way.

” How much do you want to get rid of your freckle mustache?”


I immediately answered,

“Very much, what do I have to do?”


Roz said she would take me to the Magic Wish Store.


She explained,

“The Magic Wish Store is a place where you can magically change things, but there is always a price to pay.

 Close your eyes and imagine all of the qualities you value about yourself both inside and outside.

 You can get rid of your freckle mustache but you must pay to get rid of it.

 The payment must be in the form of a quality you really like about yourself.”


I thought about what I really liked about myself both inside and outside.


I thought about those qualities I valued on the outside first.   I liked my beautiful clear complexion, my naturally wavy dark brown hair, my full lips, my almond-shaped, hazel eyes.


On the inside, the qualities I valued were my quick, curious mind, my ability to understand other people’s problems, and my ability to laugh at myself.


Roz asked me again. “What are you willing to give up to get rid of your freckle mustache?”


I was stumped.

I really wanted to get rid of that freckle mustache, but I wasn’t willing to pay for it by giving up any of the qualities I valued in myself.

I told Roz and myself,

“I guess I’ll have to keep my freckle mustache.”


I stopped complaining about my freckle mustache when I realized I wasn’t willing to give up any of the qualities I valued about myself.


Luckily, the freckle mustache faded as Fall came.

Since then, I have learned to use sunscreen to keep my freckle mustache from reappearing.


What are the qualities you value about yourself both outside and inside?


 Is there any quality you really value about yourself that you are willing to give up in exchange for something you don’t like about your appearance?


Fortunately, you don’t have to give up any of your valued qualities when you work with the Wardrobe Wizard.


I have easy to learn “magic,” that can transform your appearance using color, proportion, line, and design.


And now it doesn’t matter where you live because I am able to do long distance color, face and body shape analysis using online tools.


Of course, I am still available to work with you in-person, if you live in Baltimore or surrounding areas.


Contact me to set up a 20-minute, no obligation telephone discussion about your fashion challenges.  This conversation will help you decide if my services are right for you


I will give you the fashion personality quiz and you will learn how your fashion personality affects your choice of clothes and how you can learn to be true to your fashion personality, without losing your credibility.

This telephone conversation will get you started on the path to a wardrobe of clothes and makeup that makes it easy to shop and get dressed quickly and look your best everyday.

This 20 minute telephone conversation is complimentary,  email: Nancy@wardrobewiz.com



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