How Do You React to People Critical of Your Appearance?

How do you react when people are critical of your appearance?


What would it be like to not be so affected by criticism?

What would it be like to trust yourself because you have the right information about what looks good on you and what makes you feel good?


In addition to being a “Personal Image Consultant,” I have a day job as a psychotherapist.  Recently one of my clients said he heard two people talking about me.  The conversation was about my appearance.


“Why doesn’t she ever wear skirts or dresses.”


The person who told me this is a psychotherapy client of mine who comments frequently that my hair looks pretty and how lucky I am to have such nice skin.”


As his psychotherapist, I say “Thank you,” and move on to ask how he is feeling about himself.


When he told me about the overheard comments, although I did not respond, I wanted to say,

           “Frankly, I don’t give a dam.”

My reaction surprised me.  Twenty years ago or even ten years ago I might have been bothered by the comments.  I might have felt the need to explain why I rarely wear a skirt or dress.


“Not anymore!”


Today these comments about my appearance, were like a fly landing on my skin for a moment, a little irritating but quickly forgotten.


          “Do you love comfort?” 


I do, but I also like to look good.


I don’t like wearing skirts and dresses for a number of reasons.


Wearing a skirt or dress requires pantyhose or going barelegged.  Panty hose don’t breathe and going barelegged can get cold.


I have an apple shaped body.  This means I have narrow hips and an undefined waistline. When I wore a skirt the waist either rode up or down searching for the narrowest parts of me.


Body shape with undefined waistline and narrow hips and relatively slender legs.

Body shape with undefined waistline and narrow hips and relatively slender legs.

For a dress to be comfortable on an apple shaped body, it must  have an undefined waistline and it needs to be wedged shaped, wider at the top and narrower towards the hips and below.


However, it’s difficult to find dresses with this shape.

A wedge shaped dress is flattering when you have an undefined waistline and carry your weight in the upper half of your body .

A wedge-shaped dress is most flattering when you have an undefined waistline and carry more weight in the upper half of your body.

   If your body shape is similar to mine, pants with elastic at the waist and straight or narrow legs wlIl be the most comfortable and flattering style for you.

If you have a defined waistline (waist 7 or more inches smaller than your hips) “Curvey girl pants” will be most flattering.  Skirts with a soft drape to them can also be flattering if you have a defined waistline.  Avoid pencil skirts and stiff fabrics.

Body shape with a defined waistline (waist 6 or 7 inches smaller than hips

Body shape with a defined waistline (waist 6 or 7 inches smaller than hips

Think of yourself as an unfinished work of art.


 The clothing you wear is a frame that should look like it’s an extension of you.

By choosing clothes that widen where your body widens and narrows where your body narrows in flattering colors you will look and feel confident every day.


 Nancy Goldblatt, “The Wardrobe Wizard,” can help you create that confident, trustworthy look that projects the “Real You.”



Nancy Goldblatt, “The Wardrobe Wizard,” has been a personal image consultant for over twenty years. She is a Color 1 Associate trained by Joanna Nicholson.

She is also a social worker/psychotherapist.

She is an expert at helping women discover their inner and outer beauty.

After a woman works with “The Wardrobe Wizard,” she will know how to put her own best looks together and she will be able to shop and dress with confidence and ease.

Besides working with customers locally (in Baltimore, Maryland and surrounding areas) Nancy is now able to do “long distance color and face and body shape analysis,” using photos on-line and teleconferencing.

She offers a complimentary 20-minute telephone consult to help you decide if her services are right for you.

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