Does Your Lipstick Disappear Too Fast?

Does youerLipstick disappears fast

Does Your Lipstick Disappear too fast?

Does your lipstick disappear too fast, leaving you looking ghost-like?


Do you wonder why it’s harder and harder to keep your lipstick on, even with long wearing lipsticks?


Anything that causes your mucus membranes to become dried out, will make it harder to
keep your lipstick on.



  • Are you drinking enough water?

  • Do you take medication which dehydrates you?

  • Are you  menopausal or peri-menopausal?


Not drinking enough water or drinking too much caffeine will cause you to become dehydrated.


After menopause or a hysterectomy when estrogen levels drop all mucus membranes are dryer and this includes lips.  When our lips are dry, lipstick does not stay on as long.


Taking estrogen may help make your lips less dry.



Even if you drink lots of water, if you can not stop taking your dehydrating medication, your lips will remain dry.


Putting moisture on your lips at night may help.



Even if you are young, with moist lips, it may be hard for you to keep lipstick on, if you do not apply it correctly.



If you put lipstick on like my grandmother did, it won’t last very long.



The wrong way to apply lipstick

Do not put lipstick only on upper or lower lip and then smack your lips together to transfer the color.


To apply lipstick the right way, use a lip brush

To apply lipstick the right way, use a lip brush


The right way to apply lipstick


  • Use a lip brush and not the tube to apply your lipstick.


  • Apply one coat and lightly blot.


  • Place a tissue over your lips and with a powder brush dust the tissue with powder.  This will help set your lipstick.


  • Apply another coat of lipstick and lightly blot.




lipstick brush

lipstick brush, will save you money and help your lipstick to last longer


You do not have to use a lip lining pencil when you use a lip brush.  Beauty supply stores usually have lip brushes that are retractable.


Also, when you use a lip brush you can get get a more precise line and finished look and you are able to save money because you will be able to use every drop of the lipstick.

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