How Did I End Up With This Dumpy Body?


How Can You Feel Better About Your Appearance? A New Way To Look At Yourself In the Mirror


 “My stomach  sticks out, no matter what I put on.

How did I get stuck with this dumpy body?

My waistline has disappeared.

And my breasts are drooping

When I was younger, my body shape wasn’t so bad.

As I have gotten older, everything has gone South.

Will I ever be able to feel good again about the way I look?

What can I do? “

Does this sound like what you say to yourself, when you  look in the mirror?

You can diet and exercise to tone up your body, but it will take some time to see changes.

While you diet and tone up, what else can you do,  for instant results?

Color Magic

Instead of looking in the mirror and criticizing yourself, you can learn some simple visual tricks using color to redirect the eye away from your problem parts.

You can start to learn to use color, by first learning a new way to look at yourself in the mirror.

Stand at least 5 feet from a full length mirror, with good lighting and use the blink test.

         1.  Blink at yourself

2.  When you open your eyes, notice where your eyes go first. (This is your  focal point, the part that will be seen first and where the eyes will be drawn back to repeatedly.)   Is this where you want people to focus?  If it’s not, you need to bring attention back to your face and eyes.

 3.  You can bring attention to your face and eyes using color.  Because our eyes  automatically search for repeated colors, you can do this by repeating your eye color,    lip color or hair color in your clothing and accessories.

4.    Look at your face and eyes.  Do the colors you are wearing make your eyes sparkle and your shadows and wrinkles look less obvious? If the answer is no, you need to find out what your best colors are.

The Use of Color

The Wrong Way to Use “A POP of Color.”

A recent trend is wearing a pop of color, with shoes or a purse that are a different color than you main outfit.  (This creates a focus on your feet or your purse)

POP of blue color at feet pulls the focus down to the feet.

 Do you want people to focus on your feet or your purse? 

When they focus on your purse, they are more likely to also notice the size of your hips, or waist since  strapped purses usually stop at the hip or waist area.

When the focus is at your feet, the eyes are drawn to the feet instead of the face.

The Right Way to Use A Pop of Color, To Look More Pulled Together

By repeating your clothing colors an uneven number of times from head to toe, you can look coordinated and visually balanced because the repeated color keeps the eyes of the viewer moving up and down.

Because the eyes are kept moving by the repeated color, when someone looks at you they won’t be focusing on the width of your body or any one specific part.

 When used correctly, the flattering repeated colors will keep pulling the viewers eyes back to your face and eyes.

Two Examples 

If your hair is brown, by wearing brown shoes that are similar in color to your hair, and repeating the brown at your neckline in a scarf or at your waist with a sash or belt the viewers eyes will go from your brown hair to your brown scarf at your neck to your brown shoes and then up again.


Repetition of brown shoes with brown jacket almost works but needs brown in one more place. Your eye stops at her belt
(By changing the black belt to brown there would be more visual balance.)   Instead of the eyes stopping at the black belt the eye would go from the brown jacket to the brown belt and down to the brown shoes and back up again to the brown belt and jacket.

Black repeated an uneven number of times from head to toe causes your eye to move vertically, creating a visually balanced appearance and even making you appear taller.











It will take a little practice to train your eyes to see what looks unbalanced and what you need to change.

Research has shown that when our eyes look at something that is visually balanced, our brain waves change and we feel good.

Not only will you feel good when you look at yourself, enabling you to be comfortable and confident in any situation, but your visually balanced appearance will be pleasing to others, creating instant visual credibility and instant beauty.


Want to learn more details on how to look in the mirror and get visually pleasing balance, using color?

Curious about which 40 or 50 shades of color are the most flattering?

Nancy Goldblatt, “the Wardrobe Wizard,” can give you accurate information about what really flatters you. 

“The Wardrobe Wizard,” is available to work with you, no matter where you live.

If you live in Baltimore, Maryland, or surrounding areas she can work with you in person.  If you live other places, she can work with you on-line using digital pictures.

Nancy Goldblatt, “The Wardrobe Wizard,” is a Color1, Personal Image Consultant.  She specializes in working with mid-life women whose size or shape has changed and who have too many clothes and “not much to wear.”

After a woman works with“The Wardrobe Wizard,” she will have a wallet of her best colors and styles, and a pared down closet.  She will learn how to mix and match her best looks so she can get dressed “lickety split,” and look great everyday.

“The Wardrobe Wizard,” also works with younger women and is available to work with men.  She was trained by Joanna Nicholson, founder of Color 1 Associates, an International Image & Style Company.

e-mail or call  Nancy if you would like to set up a 20 minute FREE consult to find out if her services are right for you., 410-513-9496





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