Tired of Wasting Time and Money on Clothes & Makeup

 You Can Look Spectacular Every Day

 Without Spending A Lot of Money or Time On  Clothes & Makeup

Nancy Goldblatt,” Wardrobe Wizard,” of Baltimore will teach what looks good on you, so you can become your own “Personal Image Consultant.”                                                                                

Wardrobe Wizard, Nancy Goldblatt, will teach you how to be your own Personal Image Consultant

   No need to wait until you lose weight.

                 You will learn :

  • How to shop your closet before buying anything new.

  • A new way to look at yourself in the mirror to see what is flattering and how to fix what isn’t.

                  You get:

  • A wallet of 40-50 of your best colors and line drawings of your best styles.


  • Suggestions for pieces you can slowly add to fill in your wardrobe gaps.


  • Secrets of mixing and matching separates to make lots of new outfits.


  • Help finding the ” hidden treasures,” in your closet.


  • “Spring cleaning” of your makeup stash.


 Contact “The Wardrobe Wizard of Baltimore”at : Nancy@wardrobewiz.com or call 410-513-9496—————————————————————

Nancy Goldblatt, “Wardrobe Wizard of Baltimore,” is a professionally trained “Color 1,” personal image consultant.


“I was trained in 1991 by Joanna Nicholson of Color 1 Associates, an International Image and Styling Company.  I specialize in working with mid-life women whose size or shape has changed and who have lots of clothes and nothing to wear.”


Say goodbye to those “Nothing to wear moments.”


e-mail to set up a complimentary, no obligation,20 minute telephone session where you will discover your “Fashion Personality.”  

The Wardrobe Wizard is available to work with you “in-person,” if you live in Baltimore, Md. & surrounding areas or “on-line,” if you are long-distance.


Contact “The Wardrobe Wizard of Baltimore”at  Nancy@wardrobewiz.com or call 410-513-9496


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