Busy Woman, Are You Fed Up With Your Cluttered Closet?


Now you can easily:

        De-clutter your closet and makeup drawer

        Learn what flatters you

        Save time & money

        Look your most attractive & confident


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Nancy Goldblatt, Wardrobe Wizard of Baltimore, will teach you how to be your own image consultant.                 

   Never again feel panicked  about what to wear.    

  •        Enjoy your de-cluttered closet.

  •        Shop & get dressed with ease.

  •        Feel  confident everywhere you go.

When you learn:

  • How to shop your closet before buying anything new.


  • The magic formula for combining your best colors.


  • A new way to look at yourself in the mirror to see what is flattering and how to fix what isn’t.



 You get:

  • A wallet of 40-50 of your best colors and line drawings of your best styles.


  • Suggestions for pieces you can slowly add to fill in your wardrobe gaps.


  • Secrets of mixing and matching separates to make lots of new outfits.


  • Help finding the ” hidden treasures,” in your closet.


  • “Spring cleaning” of your makeup stash.


 Contact “The Wardrobe Wizard of Baltimore”at : Nancy@wardrobewiz.com or call 410-513-9496—————————————————————

Nancy Goldblatt, “Wardrobe Wizard of Baltimore,” is a professionally trained “Color 1,” personal image consultant.


“I was trained in 1991 by Joanna Nicholson of Color 1 Associates, an International Image and Styling Company.  I specialize in working with mid-life women whose size or shape has changed and who have lots of clothes and nothing to wear.”


Say goodbye to those “Nothing to wear moments.”


e-mail to set up a complimentary, no obligation,20 minute telephone session where you will discover your “Fashion Personality.”  

The Wardrobe Wizard is available to work with you “in-person,” if you live in Baltimore, Md. & surrounding areas or “on-line,” if you are long-distance.


Contact “The Wardrobe Wizard of Baltimore”at  Nancy@wardrobewiz.com or call 410-513-9496


One Response to “Busy Woman, Are You Fed Up With Your Cluttered Closet?”

  • Janna Beatty says:

    What a great blog Nancy! This is solid information that can help women look their best and therefore feel their best every single day.
    Thanks for the excellent information!
    Janna Beatty
    Co-Author Quintessential Style

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